Here you will find the answers to your questions about the iomando service.



¿is it iomando solution safe? 

iomando is safer than a remote control, a card or a key because it cannot be copied over as the signal does not directly connect the opening motor from the smartphone. 

The opening signal connects your smartphone with our iomando server, located in the cloud, and from the server the encrypted signal is sent to the door opening motor. 


¿what happens if i lose my smartphone? 

In the event of loss you can easily access the control panel and delete the lost smartphone permissions in order to disable it. 

Once you have a new phone you just need to download the app and activate its permissions from the control panel. 


¿is there a user limit? 

No, there is not. The amount of users who can benefit from iomando it will only depend on the plan you have subscribed. 25, 50, 100, 250 users... with iomando you set the limits. 


¿how do i register or delete users?

The iobox administrator can register and delete permissions though the online control panel in order to open the door. The administrato will have a personal user name and password.  

¿Who will be able to open? Just the smartphone registered in the control panel. 

¿When will the user be able to open? It will depend on the permissions granted by the adminstrator. 

¿From where can the door be opened? It will depend on the permissions granted by the administrator.


¿What happen if the door does not open?

If the door is not opening please follow the instructions: 

1. Make sure you have internet network in your mobile phone. 

2. Check if the app is showing an error message or alert. 

3. Refresh the app by sliding the finger up to down the mobile screen. 

4. Uninstall and reinstall the app. You would receive automatically an activation code and immediatelly your permission will be active.  

5. If the issue persist please contact our iomando customer service by sending and email to


¿is it compatible with other opening systems?

Yes, the iomando solution is compatible with remote control, access cards and keys. 


¿what happens if...? 

I run out of battery: iomando can not run if the mobile phone is not switched on.  

There is not network:  iomando cannot control the access if there is no network as it will not be able to send the signal though.  

I do not have a smartphone: iomando works though and app that have to download. Only smartphones can do that. 


¿is iomando service for free? 

The app can be downloaded for iOS and Android systems in the Appstore or GooglePlay for free. 

The iomando server is not for free. First it must be installed the iobox, and secondly subscribe an annual service rate. The subscription will differ depending on the users number. 


¿what services does this annual subscription include?

The annual subscription grants you the following: 

1. Manage your iobox panel. 

2. Any updates or improvement from the app. 

3. Improvements on the iobox features and functions. 

4. iomando helpdesk access. In less than 12h (excluding weekends and holidays) we will contact you to solve any issue that might occur.